I’ll do my part…

We’ve come a long way but I believe we still have an even longer way to go when it comes to racial equality and truly loving and respecting those that are different from us.

I have to be honest – I have so much more to learn from my brothers and sisters of different races, cultures, and nationalities. My parents did an amazing job teaching me to love all people – but I’m still a white young mama who hasn’t really ever experienced racism toward me in my life. Yes, I’ve lived in different cultures and been the only white gal in a store, but still I can’t truly understand. I’m kinda clueless honestly…

I can try though.

I can meet a friend from a different race for coffee and ask her to tell me what it’s like and I can listen. I can speak out for those that are forgotten and downright mistreated. I can also speak out against things that I know go against Gods word even when it might “cost” me. I can share with my daughters the truth about slavery and injustice and equality in ways that they understand at their age. (And my oldest has already been asking! So I’m answering so I know she gets the answer I long for her to hear – not the world’s answer)

I can do my part.

Will you do yours?

Here are a few great books to help guide you as you share with your little ones:

What resources have you come across to help your little ones understand, love and value all people?

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