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Idea: May Prayer Meal

During the month of May, our family will be learning and loving all things Serbia. While we’ve not been there (yet), a very special friend is living there and as we learn about that beautiful land and her people, we will also be celebrating our sweet friend who we miss and love big!

As I emailed with my friend about what kinds of food they eat, she shared that they don’t necessarily have a “meal” like we would think of, but there are some great dishes that we can prepare and maybe piece together for our May prayer meal. Here’s a few recipes that I found that sound yummy, different and fun.

Cevapi – a yummy sausage treat served on yummy bread, not a bun apparently!

Kiflice – who doesn’t love a croissant filled with yummy! I’m thinking I’ll make this easier by using pre-made croissant dough (don’t hate on me!)

Goulash – this looks yummy but as I sit on my porch in 80 degree weather, I’m thinking I’ll wait on this until fall – my friend will be living there for another year so we have plenty of time!

Vanilice – and a little yummy treat too!

As we enjoy the yummy Serbian delights, we will also be praying for that beautiful place which has captured our dear friend’s heart. Here are specific ways that you can join us in praying:

1. That many Serbians would be released from the bondage of “religion” and set free to a relationship with a Jesus Christ!

2. That our dear friend and her teammates, would have great success, focus, and opportunity in sharing the truth with their friends and neighbors.

3. That the gospel would take deep root in the hearts of all Serbians.

Have you had Serbian food before? What’s your favorite? Share your ideas and Serbia knowledge with us as we pray for Serbia and enjoy the yummy food and culture this month!

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Idea: Meal Time Prayer Idea



Each month, my family dedicates the whole month to praying for special friends that are living around the world. We place their prayer card on our table and talk about them and their family (in a good way – of course! ha)  We remind Ivey about who they are and what they are doing and where they live. We pray for specific needs that they have, for their children, for the work that they are doing, for their people group, for language learning and so much more. We also attempt to fix a meal from the country where our friends are serving. For example in February, we spent time praying for Paul & Stephanie who are serving in Central Asia. Stephanie sent me a great recipe for a meal called, Kuru Fasulye – Pilav. (Now say that 5 times…) While it’s a stretch that my three year old will eat this, it’s important to us that she at least try it! It reminds her that there will be foods that are different in life but wherever we may go, we must respect other cultures and eat what we are given to eat.

If you would like to try the recipe with your family and spend time praying for Paul & Stephanie, be sure to click the link below.

February Meal Plan

Each evening that we pray for our family of the month, we feel super connected to them despite the distance and we get to be a part of their work around the world.