Scripture & Prayer

May these scriptures and prayers encourage our hearts and challenge us to live “On Mission” today…

Ephesians 6:4

2 Timothy 3:14-17

Pray for moms to be intentional about bringing their children along for the journey.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to convict you of valueless distractions and willful negligence in disciplining your children.

Pray for wisdom in educating them on the insufficiencies of other religions and the sufficiency of Christ. Ask the Lord to help you teach them cultural awareness and to give them a firm grasp of the Truth as a foundation and lens through which to see it all.

Ask God to soften their hearts for lost people all over the world.  Pray for God to give your family a spirit of unity and to be disciplined in prayer, serving joyfully, and giving sacrificially to the work of the Lord, knowing that in doing so God’s word is going out to all peoples.

Ask God to open your heart to His leading, and to give you courage to be obedient, whether that leaves you here in Spartanburg or takes you across the world.


Scripture & Prayer

May these scriptures and prayers encourage our hearts and challenge us to live “On Mission” today…


Acts 26:18

1 Timothy 2:1-6


Pray for a burden for the peoples living in darkness, waiting to hear the good news of a Savior. 

Pray for unreached people groups, for God’s word to go out, and for people to repent and come to faith.  Ask God to continually remind you how similar we all are in regards to sin and neediness, and in our desperation for forgiveness.

Pray for ways to teach your family about the unique people and nations God created – every one of them in His image.

Pray that your small, personal perspective would be changed to God’s grand, global perspective.

Pray that as the shift happens in your heart, and in our home, that God would use you to set an example of Truth by sharing Jesus and serving others.

Love moves toward need, but not if you don’t see them. 

Pray for your eyes to be open to individuals, families, and friends in need of Jesus.


On Mission Moms Launch

Join us for our On Missions Moms Launch this coming Wednesday evening from 6:30-7:30 at Dashiell & Daughter. We will have dessert and coffee, a time of prayer together, and more info about what On Mission Moms will be all about. We are limited to the first 30 mamas who sign up because of limited space at this cute little shop, so please let us know that you are coming! It’s going to be a great night together as we prepare to be ON Mission!

Email onmissionsmoms@gmail.com if you have any questions. You can also sign up by just emailing and letting us know you’re IN!


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Idea: Saving for Going

When we were expecting our first little one, I began to pray for his or her very first mission trip, and began to look for ways to prepare as a parent for sending our child on their first trip. Of course I also pray for salvation and for other important discipleship essentials too; but I want to be intentional about preparing and guiding our children to be on mission. And I want to be prepared!! I don’t want to be caught off guard when in 15 years (when Ivey will be 18) she comes to her daddy and I and asks us to go somewhere international to share Jesus. It can be expensive if you haven’t prepared!

I also have a really silly love for all things “globes” and so I began to hunt for the perfect vintage world bank that we could begin to use for our little one to save money in. Now anytime Ivey gets any money, whether its change that she swipes from her Nana’s house or money that we give her for cleaning the table after dinner, or sweet friends who give her little gifts (you know who you are!) it goes in her world bank. She’s got quite the little stash going…As she gets older, we will explain what that money is for and how we pray that she will use it. She can then decide what future money she wants to put in to her world bank and what money she wants to spend on little toys that really have no eternal kingdom purpose (that’s just my opinion… hahaha)

How are you expecting, planning, and preparing to send your children on mission? Have you opened up a savings account? Will you help pay for them to go on their first mission trip? There are lots of ways to prepare even now with our littles!  As mama’s lets be diligent to pray, plan, and prepare and trust that God will call and send them!