A New Season, A New Opportunity



I LOVE Spring! The start of a new season, new beginnings, birds starting to sing again and build their nests, the daffodils have bloomed, the peach trees and Bradford pear trees are blooming and of course the pollen… oh the pollen…

But I also love Spring because for us it signals new life. It’s a reset and a starting over – fresh… New…

As we begin a new season and the earth begins to wake up around us, it also can be a time of awakening in the spiritual realm. It can be a chance for us to be outside with our kids more, to go to the park, to meet our neighbors and share conversations and laughs together as the kids play and if they don’t know Christ, a new and great opportunity to share the gospel with them.  It can be a NEW start for our friends who don’t know Christ.

As you meet new friends, do you know how to start that conversation? Honestly, that’s often hard for me – I can talk about the weather, I can chat about my girls, I can laugh about the fact that I’m a “terrible dance mom” and ask them for advice on how to put her hair in the perfect bun – all day long…

But at the end of the conversation, have I shared Christ with them?

Like have I physically opened my mouth and presented the gospel… 

I believe that the first place to start is in my own heart. Have I spent time in God’s word and in prayer – asking for divine conversations and interruptions to my day? When I do that first, I usually always see the opportunities around me open up, because my heart is focused and seeking  those opportunities.

Secondly, I just have to open my mouth! I have to “get to the gospel” as I heard my friend Greg Wilton share one time.  I have to ask questions like “Can I pray for you today?” or “Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus? “Can I share with you what Christ has done in my own life?”  I must confess though – this is where I often get “stuck”. Its sometimes awkward and hard and weird… but one thing I’ve been pondering in my heart is “am I okay with the awkward and hard and weird if it means that I have a new sister or brother in Christ at the end of the conversation?” Of course my heart screams YES to that, but my head and my mouth… now that’s a different story sometimes!

Finally, I have to present the gospel. I have to share that Jesus loves them but because of their sin (because of my sin), we are separated from Christ! Only through confession, repentance and acknowledging Jesus as Lord,  can we be brought into a right relationship with Him.

As we start this new season, a season of new life and new beginnings,  my prayer is that I’ll seize every new opportunity to boldly share the gospel with my neighbors, friends, and sweet mamas that I meet along the way. What about you? Do you find it easy to share the gospel? Do you get “stuck” somewhere? Who can you share Christ with on this beautiful first day of Spring?

Now… go, get outside, introduce yourself to a new neighbor, share…

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