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Service Idea: Sharing The Love

Valentines Day is coming up this week and who doesn’t love another reason to celebrate, eat chocolate, and serve others too?!? Ivey and I have been chatting a lot the past few weeks about love, Valentine’s Day, and God’s perfect love, which compels us to love others. Now I must admit that this lesson can be a pretty deep thought for my almost four year old, but I believe that any time is a good time to begin to teach her the deeper truths from God’s word, even when she might not fully understand all the implications.  As we were chatting today, out of the blue, she asked if she could make and decorate hearts that we could mail to family  and a couple special friends so that they would know they are loved…. ahhhh, she is listening to us…. sometimes….

Earlier in the week as I was planning and preparing for Valentine’s Day, I was thinking through ways that we could serve and share Jesus’ love this coming week as a family. Immediately baking special cookies for others who may or may not be told they are loved came to my mind. Who doesn’t love a yummy heart shaped cookie, slathered in icing, and doused with a whole ton of pink sugar from a super cute nearly four year old and 18 month old?!

As we bake them and decorate them, we will be praying for our homeless friends who will receive them on Tuesday or Wednesday. We pray that they will experience the love of Christ this Valentine’s Day and be reminded that they are loved by their Heavenly Father and by us! This is a pretty simple, cheap, and easy way to serve with our little ones right beside us too. 


What are ways that you are serving and sharing Jesus’ love this Valentine’s Day? Share in the comments below so that we can learn from one another!  Also, be sure to check out and follow the On Mission Moms Pinterest Page for other fun service ideas! 

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