Scripture & Prayer

2 Corinthians 9:6

Hosea 10:12


Pray for God to send workers into the fields.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to open eyes and hearts so that God’s children would come to know their real, lasting family.

Ask the Lord to help you reflect His desire for a global family in our own families.

Pray that we would not settle for the American dream, because we know that God’s Kingdom is better, more worthy, and far more global.

Pray to have hearts that beat and plead for God’s glory and global missions, whether it’s in your living room in Spartanburg or on the mission field in South Africa.

Pray for your children to understand that where they live does not prevent them from serving God for the sake of the nations. Help them to see that your family is on a mission to see God’s name glorified throughout the earth until the day when every knee will bow to Jesus.

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