Scripture & Prayer

May these scriptures and prayers encourage our hearts and challenge us to live “On Mission” today…


Acts 26:18

1 Timothy 2:1-6


Pray for a burden for the peoples living in darkness, waiting to hear the good news of a Savior. 

Pray for unreached people groups, for God’s word to go out, and for people to repent and come to faith.  Ask God to continually remind you how similar we all are in regards to sin and neediness, and in our desperation for forgiveness.

Pray for ways to teach your family about the unique people and nations God created – every one of them in His image.

Pray that your small, personal perspective would be changed to God’s grand, global perspective.

Pray that as the shift happens in your heart, and in our home, that God would use you to set an example of Truth by sharing Jesus and serving others.

Love moves toward need, but not if you don’t see them. 

Pray for your eyes to be open to individuals, families, and friends in need of Jesus.

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