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I was pondering yesterday over when missions became really important to me and honestly, I can’t really tell you when. It’s always just been. I think if my parents got one thing right (and they got a LOT right!) it would be instilling in me a desire to make Jesus known wherever I went. So – as a child, we went – together as a family. We took care of those living and working for my daddy on his farm. We prayed for missions and missionaries serving around the world. I even had a missionary pen pal that I wrote letters to in Kenya. My first mission trip was actually in third grade. We, and many other families, from my church piled in our minivans and church van and drove to GA to serve for a week in several different ways. The men helped build a church and the moms and children led Backyard Bible Clubs. I’m not sure we accomplished much as third graders – and we probably caused more distraction than “good” but the impact that trip and the yearly trips after that were LIFE CHANGING! I saw in my parents a desire to go and share and I learned that I had a role in that too, even as a child.

Fast forward a few years and now I’m a mommy of an almost three year old and a five month old and my desire is for more than anything that my sweet girls would love Jesus and make him known. I want to teach them the ways of Jesus. I want to teach them the importance of prayer. I want us to give of our resources and our time so that others will hear. AND I want us to go. I want to be an “on mission mom”.

What about you?

How are you teaching your children to love Jesus and to love others?

I would love for this to be a place where as moms, we can encourage each other in our praying, in our giving, and in our “going”. Do you have an idea to share or a story to tell about how you are an “ON Mission Mom” ? Email us at Also, follow us on twitter and instagram at @onmissionmoms . And Join us at our next service opportunity!

I pray we would live and be ON Mission Moms!

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